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Ethics Management

CEK NETWORK exercises transparent and honest ethical management.

What is ethical management?

It is a management that accepts the economic and legal responsibilities of the company as well as the fulfillment of the ethical responsibility that is expected from the social wisdom as the fundamental duty of the company and adopts the business ethics as the principle of action in an independent manner.

CEK NETWORK’s ethical responsibilities

Economic responsibility, Ethical responsibility, Legal responsibility, Charitable responsibility

Necessity of Ethical Management

CEK NETWORK recognizes the necessity of ethical management and regularly educates employees and employees to protect them.

  • Social responsibility

    Social responsibility

    • · Company for personality arrows that make up society
    • · Sustainable when fulfilling social responsibilities
  • Grant opportunity

    Grant opportunity

    • · Good corporate image from society
    • · Become a respected company from customers, shareholders and partner communities.
  • Survival of company

    Survival of company

    • · Basic principles to be followed for the survival of the company
  • Cultural assets

    Cultural assets

    • · Grant pride through consensus building
  • Global Standard

    Global Standard

    • · Ethical management is recognized as a necessary condition in the business environment through various systems domestically and internationally
  • Minimize risk costs

    Minimize risk costs

    • · Protect corporate assets and minimize risk

CEK NETWORK Code of Ethics

CEK NETWORK has established the Code of Ethics in order to inspire employees' ethical awareness.

  • 01

    Attitude of EmployeesAttitude of Employees

    Talent and attitude to understand mission/vision and core values and to achieve it as an employee

  • 02

    Fair Trade, Fair CompetitionFair Trade, Fair Competition

    Attitude not to take corruption, embezzlement, and other activities related to the company's business, but to participate fairly and competitively in market competition while pursuing mutual growth with partner companies.

  • 03

    Responsibility for Customers and ShareholdersResponsibility for Customers and Shareholders

    Responsibility to provide better value to customers and shareholders through management innovation and efficient management

  • 04

    Responsibility for SocietyResponsibility for Society

    Awareness of the need and challenges of economic, social and environmental responsibility for sustainable management and the will to achieve the goal

  • 05

    Application of the Code of EthicsApplication of the Code of Ethics

    Establishment of Code of Ethics for all affiliated companies of CEK NETWORK describing its purpose and description